AECQ :JC the way


Jesus Christ, the way to humanizationJC the way
Orientations for the training and development of Christian life
Montréal, Médiaspaul, 2004, 104 pages.
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For several years because of changes in our culture and society, many people have not paid serious attention to questions about God and spirituality.  Ignorance or misunderstanding of the Christian presence has become more and more widespread.  Nevertheless, a good number of young people and adults still have questions concerning the meaning of existence and God’s presence in their lives. How should we respond to their inquiries? The evolution of faith requires a catechesis appropriate to people’s needs, their quest for meaning, their life experiences; one that is adapted to their lives.

In this document, the Assembly of Bishops of Quebec proposes orientations that will guide the catechetical mission in Quebec for the coming years.  These orientations will present a broad view of catechetical activity, promote a common language, and provide general guidelines that will enable each milieu to develop an articulate and coherent diocesan plan for catechesis.  The aim is to encourage and inspire catechesis as well as provide guidelines for subsequent steps in approaches, spiritual itineraries and catechetical activities.

By centering, their reflection on Jesus Christ, the way to humanization, the Bishops wish to emphasize the relevance of the Gospel message that addresses the most profound aspirations of men and women today